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Pair - Pair your debit and credit cards with your mobile device, and our MobileMate

will ensure no fraudulent transactions ever happen to you again.


  • Single Login - Access your card accounts on your phone using biometric identification.
  • Check Your Balance - Get real time balance and transaction details.
  • Approve - Attach an NFC card or tag against the back of your mobile device to detect the payment card prior to making a transaction.
  • Safe Place™ - GeoLock® - Add several locations as a "safe place", where transactions are automatically approved even without your mobile device being present.
  • Enjoy Safety and Security - Built using the highest standards of encryption - you can feel confident that your card account number and private information are secure.

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  • Because we must take responsibility for ourselves. 

Why MobileMate?

  • Protecting your card against fraud is protecting your credit score.
  • Your bank may pay for fraudulent charges, but it can't repair your credit score to help you avoid high interest rates. 


Imagine, as a victim of credit card fraud, you have to wait for your new card to be mailed to your home, but you are traveling abroad and have no other cards at your disposal! 

According to banking rules, your replacement card can only be sent to the address on file. 

With MobileMate, you have full control of approving and declining live transactions, reducing the risk of fraud.



You can rest assured, as long as your mobile data and Wi-Fi are working you can no longer forget where your card is.

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