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A lot has been said about dual authentication, but anything that travels over the cloud puts a burden on the mobile phone company and your retail banks, putting your privacy at risk.  Either way, the process of securing your data, whether or not it works, is passed onto you as a consumer to assume that cost of the business. 

Veritcard International technological solutions its the easiest way to control your

security and privacy at the same time!


MobileMate App, Prepaid card or Mobisticker for $9.99

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MobileMate enhances mobile and online banking worldwide - How?

This secure mobile application allows users to access all their payment transactions made with MobileMate. Using your MobileMate, your card becomes a partner with your mobile device. Wherever you go with your card and mobile phone, you are free to shop, get withdrawal, cash advanced etc.


ensures Contactless Payment Stickers

are securely connected

Turn your mobile phone into a secure contactless payment device by affixing our MobileMate Sticker to the back of your mobile phone and start making secure payment transactions.

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with MobileMate Technology

Your Sparxbanc card or any other EMV chip has a unique chip and pin that will enable you to pair with your mobile phone. Note that your first secure step is your Biometric (facial and, or fingerprint) must first be applied or activated on your mobile.


MobileMate App, Prepaid Card or Mobisticker and Account on Mobile (Sparxbanc Wallet)

Account on mobile allows for access to statements for Mobisticker or Prepaid Card) for $19.45/year

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