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Safe and Secure

With Veritcards Technology (VT) solution, you can safely shop, make payments and receive payments from and through your mobile banking. An experience like no other, we guaranteed that while we are at your service, your lifestyle will remain as you like it to be without any inconveniences.

MobileMate Zone Products Created for Sparxbanc 


SB Prepaid card and MobiSticker

Can you imagine?

The world knows that your face is your password - It's here!

GeoLock | MobileMate



SB Prepaid card and MobiSticker

Post Covid-19

Back to school. Are you equipping yourself with safe payment solutions?

Let Veritcard be there when you need it the most.

With Mobile GeoLockĀ® and MobileMate

Timely Payments are Never Declined

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