Veritcard International is also known with its security services, data preparation, configuration set-up and fulfillment of secure "Verify it" service solution.  Any of these payment cards are compatible with Veritcard GeoLock® solutions.


Mastercard® Professional Card


Mastercard® Business Card


Mastercard®  Corporate Card

Sparxbanc® Prepaid Card with Mastercard


Visa® Business Debit Cards


Visa® Business Credit Cards


Visa® Signature Business Cards

Sparxbanc® Prepaid Card with Visa

Note:  Sparxbanc CNP-J Card, or Prepaid Card work in partnership with Mastercard and Visa, but do not belong to their business. All trademarks and trade names of Mastercard and Visa belongs to their corporation.  Any purchase of Mastercard or Visa cards would have to be processed through their respective websites. Purchase of Sparxbanc can be done here, since we are in partnership with them or you can also go directly to Sparxbanc website.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.  We are looking forward to serving you.

With Veritcard's GeoLock® your payment cards are safe and secure in your hands. 

You can now safely tap and go with your mobile payment by using MobileMate;

Securely with you at all times. 

Digital Payments

Mobile payments are now a reality and we expect that most Financial Institutions will prepare their digital banking to enable a road map over the coming year.


Safe and Secure

With Veritcards Technology (VT) solution, you can safely shop, make and receive payments from and through your mobile banking. An experience like no other, we guarantee that while we are at your service, your lifestyle will remain as you like it to be without any inconveniences.

From Secure Invoicing to Secure Payments - We are the leader in innovative solutions 

Secure Invoice.

With Mobile GeoLock® and MobileMate

Timely Payments are Never Declined