About Us

Veritcards Technology (VT) specializes in providing a wide range of security services and solutions to the financial institutions and payment industry. These security services range from smart card personalization, mobile banking, digital wallets, instant card issuance, EMV chip migration consultancy with our long-term goal moving toward credit/debit processing, card inventory tracking and management.


VT is a private and independent company serving the international community within the payment industry. We are the first high security provider solution developer for smart identification cards (IDs) and smart cards catering for developing countries.

The company aims to provide high-quality payment security solutions in response to the growing demand from the financial institutions and payment industry within developing financial market.

Our Vision

As an independent global establishment, we have built a trusted environment among the best in the industry, by developing a payment security platform with state-of-the art secure software, becoming a strong advocate of high-quality payment process, enabling services/solutions in Africa, Asia and the Americas.

Our Mission

To be a reliable and efficient provider of innovative solutions in the digital payment space, working in conjunction with the personalization card processing companies, banking sector and associated governing smart card issuers. To do this, we continually refine our global partnerships and we reassure our clients of a strong commitment, always elevating the competence - pioneering advanced and relevant technologies that responds to the status of our innovative spirit.

Our History

VT is a private and independent company which started its online software catering to payment and banking sectors in the United States of America; now moving to several annex locations in Africa, Europe to help growing need of companies in developing countries. With our experience and innovations, we are now becoming the first highly sophisticated and security solutions company from payment verification to payment approval.

How we operate

VT is an early adopter of global standards. An example of this was the company becoming the first Advanced Payment Security Bureau (APSB) for developing countries to push the enactment of the biometric fingerprint card, getting all the necessary rights to obtain PCI-DSS accreditation for the purpose of the newly aspired payments card. Our commitment to this venture began years ago, which has positioned us as a strong company set to raise the bar and standards for others to follow.

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